It is now possible to buy as many iPad minis as you want

Multiple iPad mini

For those of you who like to buy lots and lots of technology, Apple just made it a little easier for you to buy your iPad minis in bulk. Up until now, Apple had implemented a 2 iPad mini limit per order to try and keep up with demand. Well, now that they are finally catching up to the demand for the miniature tablet, Apple is allowing customers to order as many iPad minis as they want (well, unless you want more than 999 that is).

This is good news for anyone who was looking to buy a lot of technology, maybe as a mass gift, but it isn’t like users couldn’t order more than two before. Previously, if users wanted multiple tablets they were required to make multiple orders, so Apple is simplifying things for consumers looking to buy a lot of iPad minis.

Will any of you go out and buy a ridiculous amount of tablets? If so, why and how many? Use the comments section to let us know!

Source: Cult of Mac

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