iPhone 5 is more popular on Twitter than the Galaxy S4

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

For those of you who like data analysis, this is a good story for you. According to a study by Investing Analytics, the iPhone 5 was more mentioned more on Twitter than the Galaxy S4 on their respective announcement days. Not only was the iPhone more popular on its announcement day and the day after, but according to the data, it was actually mentioned five times more than Samsung’s latest smartphone. The iPhone 5 was mentioned in 2.4 million tweets, whereas the Galaxy S4 was mentioned in just around 400,000 tweets.

These numbers could eventually turn out to be completely meaningless, pending the sales numbers for Samsung’s superphone. If the S4 outsells the iPhone 5 by a large margin, it will prove that the data from Twitter was useless in predicting sales and popularity for the two high powered phones. Although Apple won the Twitter battle, time will tell which smartphone is really the most popular among the consumers.

Source: CNET

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  • anon

    So what?

  • axirume

    Lol thats only because most twitts end in “sent from my iphone”