iPad and laptop use expected to be allowed during takeoff and landing by the FAA this year

iPad PlaneThe FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has recently been investigating the use of eBook readers, laptops and tablets by passengers during the takeoff and landing of flights. Happily for the frequent flyer, things are looking up for the use of the devices, as it seems likely that the FAA will give approval this year, according the The New York Times.

“According to people who work with an industry working group that the Federal Aviation Administration set up last year to study the use of portable electronics on planes, the agency hopes to announce by the end of this year that it will relax the rules for reading devices during takeoff and landing. The change would not include cellphones.”

Sadly, the go-ahead for the devices would still exclude the use of cellphones, a ban that looks as if it’s here to stay for a while longer, a pity for those who just want to finish a film on their iPhone, but can’t due to regulations on some flights that state that even if a device has an airplane mode, it should still be switched off.

However, use of iPads on flights during takeoff and landing has been going on for nearly two years now, just not with passengers. The tablet was approved for flight deck use back in 2011.


Via: 9to5Mac

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  • im still waiting on them to lessen the power of the TSA its become outrageous what hoops you have to jump threw to get on a plane

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