iOS SDK & APIs for Hue lighting system announced by Philips

HueIf you read our article on Ambify on Friday, you’ll know I’m quite the fan of Philips’ Hue lighting system. It was definitely one of the things that ‘made my 2012’ on the accessory front, and seeing applications utilize it makes me a little bit excited inside. So, you can imagine how happy I am now that Philips has announced an iOS SDK and APIs for the system, as this really opens up the possibilities for the interactive LED bulbs.

From the press release:

“Philips today, as promised, launches a software developer program for Hue that allows consumers to create and control their light bulbs using a smartphone or tablet. In publishing Hue’s open application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as releasing guides and libraries in an iOS software developer’s kit, Philips reinforces its commitment to helping the developer community start programming with Hue. This move opens the playing field for third party developers to create new, exciting applications using light, enabling Hue to communicate with a variety of devices and applications (apps). Philips Hue’s developer platform is available at”

This will allow developers to really take advantage of Hue’s capabilities, meaning when you’re playing a game on your iPhone, the color of your room could change according to the app’s atmosphere, so if you’re playing a relaxing game, you could have an ambient, blue light, but if you’re fighting a fiery demon from hell, you’ll get an evil, scarlet room. Cool? Thought so.

What do you think about Hue? Are you excited for the possibilities, or indifferent about the concept? Let us know in the comments below.


Via: 9to5Mac

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