Introducing Trygger: A clip on polarizing lens for iPhone that limits glare and sharpens images

TryggerThe clip on iPhone lens is by no means a new accessory, they’ve been around for longer than the iPhone’s camera has even had a flash, but none have been quite as simple or feature-rich as the latest. Called Trygger, this clip on lens wanders from the usual fish eye, macro or wide angle attachments that most manufacturers build. No, Trygger focuses on improving the quality of the image, as opposed to just altering it.

In-fact, Trygger is a polarizing lens that removes glare from particularly bright scenes, makes colors more vibrant and improves the sharpness of your snaps. Looking at some shots with and without the accessory, it’s easy to see the difference, as the accessory removes “noisy light” from your pictures.

What’s more, every Trygger is hand made by sandwiching the polarizing filter between two layers of high-grade, scratch resistant glass, and the accessory is available for both iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. The iPhone 4/4S model comes in at $49.99, and includes the Trygger attached to a nifty case with a sliding cover, allowing you to quickly switch between having the lens active and inactive. The iPhone 5 version is a little less complex, as it simply snaps on, similar to the likes of Olloclip. The benefit of this is the price, as it is 10 bucks cheaper at $39.99.

From the price, it’s easy to tell that Trygger isn’t for the average iPhone camera user, but judging by the comparison below, it could be an invaluable tool for the avid iPhoneographer.

Here’s a sample of what Trygger can do, the left picture was taken without the lens, and the right with.


Grab your Trygger here.

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