Intertrust Technologies Corporation sues Apple over patent infringement

intertrustContrary to popular belief, Apple isn’t the only one doing the suing in this mess of patent infringement lawsuits that have been flying around for years now. In fact, a company owned by both Sony and Philips, Intertrust Technologies Corporation, has just made the announcement that it is suing our favorite Cupertino company over, you guessed it, infringing on patents. From the Intertrust site:

The lawsuit accuses Apple of making products and services that infringe on 15 Intertrust patents on security and distributed trusted computing. The lawsuit covers a broad range of key Apple products and services including iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, Mac computers and laptops, Apple TV, and services including iTunes, iCloud, and the Apple App Store.

None of the specific patents are actually mentioned, however it does say that the iPhone, iPad, various Mac computers and laptops, even services such as iTunes and iCloud are in the wrong. Sony and Philips each hold a 49.5 percent stake in Intertrust, and this particular company is already known for patent disputes. In 2004, a $440 million settlement was reached in a dispute with Microsoft, so this company is used to dealing with the West coast companies.

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Via: iLounge, 9to5Mac, WSJ, Intertrust


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