Incipio Atlas and OffGRID for iPhone 5, Alcantara range for iPad/iPad mini and more… [CU Exposed 2013]

Incipio Atlas Feature

Among the sea of manufacturer stalls at CU Exposed 2013, was one of our favorite case-makers: Incipio. Last year, they wowed me with their offGRID PRO for iPhone 4, and the Silicrylic case plus a whole lot more. Price points are always competitive, design is fantastic and the products are normally very durable. So, as soon as the Incipio stall was up, I made a beeline for it and hung around for a long time bending the ear of some very helpful reps who’d come over from the States.

Atlas for iPhone 5 – $89.99/£69.99 (pre-order)

From what I’ve seen of the Atlas, it promises to be a Lifeproof killer. I was blown away at how good this thing feels in hand. It’s sturdy, solid and incredibly slim and light all at once. What makes the experience even better is that it has a tempered glass screen protector which does distort the image from you display or reduce sensitivity at all. In fact, even if it wasn’t waterproof, and it didn’t come with a guarantee for your iPhone, I’d still want it. And I only held what was supposedly a rough pre-release prototype which has since seen revisions to improve it. Similar to Cellhelmet, it offers a damage guarantee for your iPhone, sadly not anywhere outside the US or Canada, but I was told they’re working on those conditions. The only downside was the wait for it to be released. You can pre-order it now in the States, and expect delivery in 4-5 weeks. But, if my experience with the prototype is anything to go by, you will not regret it.

If you want to check out what the Atlas can handle, head on over to the Atlas discovery page.


As mentioned in the initial paragraph, I was impressed with the OffGRID PRO last year. At CU Exposed, there were a couple of OffGRID branded products. The iPhone 5 offGRID pro, which features a huge 2,000mAh battery in an unbelievably slim chassis, and the Powermat compatible offGRID Ghost. Although they only had the iPhone 4/4S versions available on the stand, I was told that iPhone 5 versions are incoming. Once they do, we’ll finally be able to get wireless charging on our iPhone 5s (with a case).

Alcantara Series for iPad/iPad mini – Price TBC

Incipio is stepping in to the big time with this series of iPad cases. Lined with the trademarked Alcantara fabric, these will sure cost a pretty penny when launched, but boy are they luxurious. Alcantara – for those unaware – is a completely man made material. And although it gives off a very suede/leather like feel and look, it’s not allowed to marketed that way. Alcantara is to leather, what Graphene is to plastic (If you’re still not clear on Alcantara, hit this link). It’s used mostly in luxury cars and yachts, and it’s lining these beautiful Incipio cases. Retail price is understandably likely to be over $100/£100 when launched for the full size iPad.

Other notable products from Incipio at CU Exposed

Alongside the products mentioned were a handful of fashionable f08 and f10 earbuds as well as a collection of headphones and some Stanley branded cases.  The latter is a collection of durable shells that double up as measuring tools. Very cool, if you’re a DIY-nut.

All-in-all, it was a pretty impressive show by Incipio. I can’t wait for the headliners to be released, and be sure to keep an eye on for developments and to order of the company’s products that takes your fancy.

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  • TiP_Cam

    myIncipio myIncipioUK It was a pleasure to hang out with you guys and check out the new gear.

  • Angie0683

    myIncipio any ETA on the off grid ? People are asking for it ALOT in Canada !!

  • IncipioSupport

    Angie0683 Hey! Unfortunately, we do not have an official release date for the iPhone 5 offGRID Case just yet. Stay tuned! myIncipio