iMessage Denial of Service hack floors Messages iOS app

iMessage DoS

Late-ish last night, a report emerged online detailing a DoS (denial of service) attach on developers’ iMessage accounts. The developers in question have had their iOS Messages app bombarded with spam messages. TheNextWeb caught up with iH8sn0w, whose account was the subject of the attack.

On Wednesday night my private iMessage handle got flooded with “Hi” and “We are anonymous” bulls**t.” After that, he quickly disabled iMessages through settings and set about figuring out how it was done. Turns out, he was able to create an AppleScript capable of pulling off the same stunt, if he intended to. Creating a  script capable of sending a repeat messages at a ridiculously quick frequency was far too easy for him.

The only reason this is even possible is because Apple seemingly doesn’t know how to limit the speed and number of Messages any one user can send or receive. Although a name hasn’t been revealed, the person behind this prank is someone the dev community knows is involved in selling UDIDs and pirating apps.

Sadly, there’s not a lot anyone can do about it either. If you’re subject to such a prank, the only option is to disable iMessages by signing out in the Settings app. There is a possibility that Apple will notice and shut down the spammer. Thankfully, TNW has notified Apple, but is yet to receive a response.

Via: TNW

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