• Guest911

    He can still “sell” his app for the jb community. Follow the rules or get out. This isnt complicated – I am not sure why you wasted time writing this drivel.

  • Mark Astle

    Good article. The shares app is another case in point. Only a tiny majority of people want it, yet you can’t delete it. Apple used to be all about making the thing your own, now they’re all about making you conform to how they want things to be. I’ve been using their products since they only had tiny black and white screens. I’m getting tired of how they’re doing things lately. And IOS is looking incredibly dated. The current look came in about ten years ago with the first iteration of osx and it hasn’t really moved on. Glass bubbles and metal textures are history – Windows 8 looks beautiful in comparison. And Apple also choose to ignore really simple flaws in their OS (email handling still really isn’t good for instance) while forcing upon us stupid calendars that look like real paper or the risible GameCenter.

  • alchemistmuffin

    Absolutely. He deserved to have his account terminated. You break the rules that is a huge security risk, you pay the price, and that is termination of iOS developer account, no refunds. 
    Yes, it’s harsh, but this, I have to fully agree with Apple. iOS device is safe because of curated process. This app could’ve been used as malicious in some way.

  • idoodler

    @alchemistmuffin I just showed apple a security flaw and they haven’t sated thanks at all, I didn’t published the code, and I never will, I didn’t harm any iDevice or anybody! I wanted to show how easy it is to sneak “bad” software into the “secure” AppStore! I didn’t damaged anything!