GroupMe updated to offer in-app money transfers, gallery view


Popular messaging service GroupMe released updates for both its iOS and Android applications today with two cool new features in tow. The first improvement is something GroupMe calls Split. This is basically an in-app money transfer that allows you to send funds to someone else, or have multiple people chip in towards one common goal. “You bought concert tickets for everyone in the group? Attach a Split and get your money back right away,” says a GroupMe blog post.

Split payments are accepted via credit card and, according to GroupMe, money you earn from a Split should show up in your bank account within 24 hours. What’s more, Splits are free to set up, but anyone that contributes will be charged 4.0% plus $0.99 to cover card fees and a “small convenience charge.” Though, it’s worth noting that these added fees will be waved until March 12th.

The other new feature is a new gallery view, which is pretty self explanatory. Basically, it just allows users to see all the images shared in any given group thread. This is useful if you’re looking for pictures sent months ago and don’t want to have to scroll through hundreds of old messages.

You can update to GroupMe 4.1 on your mobile device now, and definitely come back and let us know what you think in the comments section below!


Via: The Verge

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