Garmin apps updated with Bluetooth audio, Wikipedia integration


Navigation giant Garmin updated its NAVIGON and StreetPilot Onboard applications today. Both applications have a host of new features including Bluetooth audio support and in-app integration with Wikipedia. What’s more, the popular map manager function from the NAVIGON app is now available in StreetPilot Onboard as well. This will reportedly allow you to download individual maps for different regions, which should help save space on your phone.

There’s a few other cool changes, so definitely check out the change log below. Do you use one of Garmin’s applications, or is Apple’s new Maps app enough for you? Sound off in the comments section below or let me know on twitter @TiP_Jake. 


Get Audio Directions Through Your Car’s Speakers

Our latest update provides a better in-car integration by adding Bluetooth audio support. This allows you to hear directions through your car’s speakers when your smartphone is connected to your stereo via Bluetooth. If you’re listening to music from your iPhone through your car’s speakers, the app will automatically detect the Bluetooth connection and turn down the music when the app provides audio prompts.

Wikipedia Integration and Social Enhancements

Garmin’s navigation apps now integrate Wikipedia, allowing you to search points of interest and look up detailed information. Wikipedia icons are displayed on the map and clicking on them will reveal detailed information, such as the identity and history of an interesting building or landmark. You can also search the Wikipedia database to look up this information.

The update also brings enhancements to some of the existing social features, such as foursquare and Glympse. For example, you can now view foursquare locations around a specific location, such as your destination, in the map view, making it easier to find places. The Glympse feature now also allows you to add or delete contacts or change the expiration time while a Glympse is active.

Download Maps by Region

The NAVIGON app was the first iPhone onboard navigation app that allowed users to download maps by region. We’re now excited to adapt this popular feature for the StreetPilot Onboard app. Users who, for example, own the USA version, can pick the region they want (US Northeast, US Northwest, US Southeast or US Southwest) and download additional regions at a later time[1]. This ability saves internal phone storage, since you only download the maps you really need. A new myTrends feature automatically remembers frequent and favorite route destinations based on driving habits.  It predicts destinations at certain days and times without the user needing to enter an address. 


Via: Garmin

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    Map systems need exit numbers on interstate exits. Only google has the foresight to use reason..