Games Wrap: Official Iron Man 3 gameplay trailer, Angry Birds Star Wars update, Final Fantasy 5 and Repulze: Phase 3

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You may or may not be aware but, late on Wednesday nights, every iOS game developer on the planet decides to announce a new title or at least an updated one. This week we take a look at an exciting upcoming title, two updates and a new to iOS game just launched.

Iron Man 3 (Coming Soon!)

The official Iron Man 3 game for iPhone/iPad is yet to be released, but the Gameloft title is so close you can feel it. The company has released the official trailer (below). Now to the part you’ll either love or hate: it’s an endless runner gaming. Except, instead of running everywhere, you’re flying, and blasting enemies while you do it. It should be landing on the App Store in April.

Angry Birds Star Wars (Update)

Our favorite mashup of the greatest movie of all time, and one of the best ever iOS games continues to get better with another new episode: Cloud City. Those of you who’ve seen the original movies will know that’s the place Luke Skywalker gets his hand cut off, and Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite. If you haven’t seen the original movies: shame on you!

Final Fantasy 5 (New)

90s gamers rejoice! The title which landed on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) 20 years ago has launched on iPhone and iPad. Final Fantasy V is on the App Store now, and costs a handsome $15.99! If you fancy coughing up sixteen dollars for this retro title, hit the App Store.

Repulze: Phase 3 (Update)

If you’re a fan of racing games, and like the idea of going at ridiculously high speeds in Pod Race wannabe aircraft will love Repulze. Check out the teaser trailer below, and head on over to the App Store page if you fancy coughing up $2.99 for it. I have to be honest, I’m very tempted. Reminds me of a Xbox game I was boss at, but can’t – for the life of me – remember the name of.

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