First iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4 videos appearing

The Galaxy S 4 was announced yesterday, in case you were unaware, and videos of the new device compared to the iPhone 5 are beginning to pop up around the vast interwebs. Phone Arena has posted one (view it above) and has a complete comparison over on its site. It loved the new screen, the finger motion sensitivity, and more. No conclusion could be made though as it wasn’t the final retail that was being used, and said more conclusive information would come with the devices release. Watch the video above and read the full comparison here: Phone Arena.

What do you think? Interested in this new phone? Or sticking with your iPhone? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Phone Arena

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  • goldber

    John wanna bee, vee sorry, not ,!!!!! is thee most annoying reviewer going ,.Why compare that piece of over hyped crap against thee s4???Like iphone is the be all and end all of cellphones.

  • HansKwazneski

    LOL, the iPhone is so damn PLAIN at this point!! I <3 my iPod Touch 5th Gen, but as a phone? Innovation is something Apple is seriously lacking for the past few years. Really.

  • HansKwazneski

    @goldber  I agree, this reviewers voice is freaking ear breaking. When will his testicles drop?!

  • goldber

    Its his whole attitude,every phone he reviews he comes out with the same ole repertoire, but the iphone is best thing since sliced bread,give me a break,go an be annoying somewhere else please@HansKwazneski

  • KarimBhaidani

    @goldber   Like the galaxy s4 is the king of all cellphones? Get off your android koolaid. Nobody cares about samsungs gimmicky software, and cheap plastic. This is basically The Samsung Galaxy S 3S

  • goldber

    I couldn’t careless about the s4 ,I agree it looks the same but with software updates.My point is why compare every new phone that comes out to the iphone 5 like this is the benchmark for all phones to beat,that happened along time ago!!!!!@KarimBhaidani

  • TechBoyXz

    Sorry I like iPhone, nice elegant design, but that is a huge screen for a phone , that’s why we have tablets I wouldn’t mind a big screen but not a screen that big lol I like Android but not really the Samsung Galaxy I like the Nexsus 4 though, just my opinion others might like big phones lol

  • goldber

    Fair comment,I can understand why iphone may appeal to certain people,the big screens r not to bad ,once u get used to the size of the screen u then appreciate a lot more things such as gaming ,browsing,watch movies etc.I have the nexus 4 at the moment its probably the best phone i ever had,and i have tried them all,be it android,windows 8 ,and iphone,so that’s my input for the moment :-) @TechBoyXz