Firefox not coming to iPhone and iPad? Does anyone care?


Image Credit: AllThingsD

Mozilla’s Vice President Jay Sullivan has stated that his company’s Firefox browser will not be coming iPad or iPhone until Apple relaxes its restrictions on third party browsers. Apple’s rules currently stop developers creating browsers that aren’t based on Apple’s version of WebKit. Apparently Firefox can’t be done that way. In the words of Dr. Evil: “boo-frikkity-hoo”.

Right now in the App Store we already have Google’s Chrome, Opera plus Dolphin and the Flash-enabling SkyFire, so do we really need Firefox? Does anyone actually care if Firefox arrives for iOS or not? I know I could give two hoots. Most iOS users are perfectly happy with Safari and those that aren’t use Chrome. A quick poll of the audience at SXSW showed that interest outside of mobile Safari was pretty much non-existent.

“It’s a viewpoint that the general public might not share. Rosenblatt queried the audience to find out how many people were iOS users, and a majority of hands went up. By contrast, when he asked how many of them were suffering, just a few hands surfaced.”

So the question goes out to you. Do you like Safari? Do you use another browser on your iPhone or iPad? Is there room for Firefox? Comment below or tweet me: @TiP_Cam


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  • jabombardier

    Safari is great. I never knew how much it has advanced and how stable it is. Mainly because for years I have used Android and I also like their browser. Safari to me runs better than chrome and is more stable. But I have chrome just for variety. As far as Firefox, I couldn’t care less. I used it in android and it was good but there are also compelling options. And because of those options being available on iOS, I am not missing Firefox. Chrome, opera and Puffin offer a great alternative and are better than Firefox.