DoD places huge iOS device order?


According to a new report out of Electronista, the U.S. Department of Defense is plans on replacing much of its outdated tech with a lot of new iOS devices – 650,000 to be precise. Now, keep in mind that as of now this is an unconfirmed report, but if it does turn out to be legit it’ll be the result of a mobile platform testing program aimed at updating the DoD’s aging digital ecosystem. The pending order would go through after the first phases of the project is completed, but only after a few other projects work out. Also, not surprisingly, such a huge (and expensive) order won’t be completed until the end of the federal sequester.

Of the reported 650,000 iDevices, 120,000 of them will be iPads, 100,000 iPad minis, 200,000 iPod touches and approximately 210,000 iPhones. This news comes after the DoD reported it was nearing completion of trials with iOS and Android, and cutting funding from its BlackBerry test program. Currently the Department of Defense has about 470,000 BlackBerry units in circulation, but none of them are running BB10 which the DoD was testing, but apparently it wasn’t impressed. Many of the iOS devices would replace these BlackBerries, with more than half going to the battlefield, afloat, and to associated support commands. The rest will be distributed throughout The Pentagon.


Via: AppleInsider

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  • jwyoungy

    DOD never said that they weren’t impressed with BlackBerry 10, the sequester stopped the testing of the new platform. iOS and Android started their testing long before BlackBerry 10 was made available to the Pentagon. Why do apple fan sites have to exaggerate to make Apple look better? Is it because apple is so dated?