Create animated GIFs on your iPhone with GifMill

GIFs are very much compliant with the Marmite principle; you either love them or hate them. However, regardless of your opinions, it seems that the ‘meme generation’ is quite a fan of the crude animation technique, and a new GIF creation tool has just been launched on the App Store to aid the popularity of the tiny films.

Called GifMill, the free application gives everything you would need to become a pro at producing GIFs (which actually isn’t a lot). With the ability to link up to 100 stills, and even short video clips, to create your GIF, then to share your creations on Tumblr, Twitter, SMS, or email, it seems that internet stardom is just an app download away. If you’re feeling rich, you can even pay $0.99 as an in-app purchase to buy the ability to add text onto your GIFs.

So, if you’re hellbent on showing your friend how amazingly good your GIF making skills are, then you can download GifMill here.


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