BlackBerry to launch Secure Work Space for iOS later this year


One of the coolest aspects of BB10 is the BlackBerry Balance feature. With one easy gesture you can switch between your work enterprise profile and your personal one. It not only ensures you only need ever carry one device, it also keeps your work files secure. The technology behind it is called Secure Work Space, which BlackBerry has just announced will be making its way to iOS in the latter part of 2013.

EVP of Enterprize Mobile computing stated:

“With Secure Work Space for iOS and Android devices, we’re extending as many of these features as possible to other platforms, critical in today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 offers administrators a single, intuitive platform enabling them to effectively and securely manage a variety of devices while protecting their corporate assets and at the same time providing employees the flexibility they desire.”

With BlackBerry unlikely to gain back the slice of market share it once had, creating this cross-platform secure service will be a nice added extra source of income for it, and undoubtedly this service will have a positive impact on businesses and on Apple and Google. We can expect more details on what exactly this will look like when BlackBerry hosts its live conference in Orlando in a couple of months time.

Via: CultofAndroid
Source: MarketWire


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