BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins on iPhone: I “respect” the innovation made in 2007, but it’s outdated now

Thorsten Heins

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins took part in an exclusive interview with the Australian Financial Review in which he spoke about the current smartphone platform market. Within the interview he took time to mention the iPhone, and admitted that he and his company completely respect what Apple did in 2007; bringing the smartphone to the masses with a really user friendly operating system and kicking off the revolution. Although it’s great to hear a CEO speak so honestly, he also pointed to one thing we perhaps all realize by now: iOS hasn’t really changed much in 6 years.

“History repeats itself again I guess … the rate of innovation is so high in our industry that if you don’t innovate at that speed you can be replaced pretty quickly. The user interface on the iPhone, with all due respect for what this invention was all about is now five years old.”

Now, many an iFan may be under the illusion that iOS is the most perfect thing in the world. But, I’m not one of those. I’ve long bemoaned the lack of change in iOS. Although I don’t want a complete revamp every single year, I think one every 6 years is plenty. I know our own Stephen agrees with that sentiment, we need a change, soon. Although I’m hopeful with Jony Ive being in charge of the hardware and software design, I wouldn’t be certain enough to bet anything on it happening.

What do you think? Is iOS in need of a drastic refresh? Or do you like it as it is?

Source: AFR
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  • Jrcg88

    I have iphone since it came out .i do think the ios is perfect . But i also think we need a drastic refresh in the software and mayb hardware we get tired of the samething in order to apple survive in 2013 the need to come we at least 2 major feature to catch people attention. (Maybe 4’5 screen) and finger scan to unlock your phone.

  • Chatter

    iOS will evolve but what all these “innovation” experts need to remember is that between features and benefits, benefits sell the product. Features are a vitamin, not an aspirin.

  • BrainRoopull

    In considering what kind of smartphone friends and acquaintances have, I see an undeniable trend.  There is – quite literally – only one person I know under the age of 30 who has an iPhone.  The rest of those under-30 types have Androids.  Meanwhile, I know several couples in their 50s who have iPhones and marvel at how easy it is to use.Is the iPhone becoming the “JitterBug” of smartphones?For reference…

  • BillThomas

    I agree I had iOS for a few years now and it’s the same it needs a good refresh with diffrent features and I think a good refresh ever 3 years would be better just because how technologies changed so much over year.

  • BrainRoopull

    The problem is that there are a ton of “features” and “benefits” offered by the various competitors that often convince iOS loyalists to jump ship the second they see them in real life.It was a couple of years ago, but an iOS friend actually asked me “What’s a widget” while quizzing me on why I liked my Android better than the iPhone.  So, I turned on my phone & showed him how I could scroll through emails, contacts, and Facebook updates without ever leaving the homescreen.  I slid to the 2nd homescreen and showed him how the weather & time were displayed in a big beautiful widget, how my most used apps were front & center…  how I had a “phone” shortcut on every homescreen…  He was sold, and seemed a little angry that he *thought* he had the ultimate phone.I think Windows Phone actually does a better job than Android at giving you the info and apps you want quickly.  Those commercials where they show people pulling out their phones, glancing at them, and then slipping them back in their pockets is spot on, and the Nokia variants are just gorgeous devices.  I’m not sure how BB10 stacks up since I haven’t seen it or used in in person.  Even so, I sincerely doubt iOS holds a candle to it.  The only thing, in my opinion, that the iPhone has going for it is the nice camera and beautiful build.  But, you can get that from Nokia, Blackberry and in top-tier HTC phones (sorry Samsung.)

  • Wie2_Gunawan

    TodaysiPhone well, still iOS better then any BB OS that can’t do any shit

  • TiP_Cam

    @BrainRoopull Great responses Brain. As insightful as always!

  • cmagee616

    TiP_Cam seems a bit cocky on his part seeing BB still has a few million people using os7 or earlier..

  • DrewPage

    bemoaned eh?  I can’t ever remember bemoaning anything about my iPhone, but I agree, it might be time for an iOS refresh.  While Heins might be right that Apple isn’t really innovating much with the iPhone, neither is Blackberry with its Z10.  The Z10 is nice for business users, a huge step up really from the old stuff, but hardly innovative.