Bill Maher mocks “Apple is doomed” mentality in press [video]

Finally, someone in mainstream media who sees things as they are. Comedian, Bill Maher has a dig at the trend in mainstream business analysis to see Apple as doomed. Despite having its best ever quarter, and making more money in the last three months of 2012 than most companies made over the entire year, the stock market valuation has plummeted. There’s one good reason for that: our good friends the analysts.

As well we know by now, analysts project figures that Apple should supposedly meet in terms of sales, and predict exciting new products. When Cupertino doesn’t deliver on those, investors get a little unsure about the future of the company. I genuinely don’t know what it will take for investors to see what really matters: no other tech company is in a better financial position than Apple right now. As Maher indicates in the video above, they’re clearly detached from reality and just do more damage than good.

Thankfully, Tim Cook isn’t to fussed about market share and the stock market. He just wants to continue great products and selling them to customers.

Via: iDB

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