Bad-ass Iron Man Power Armor iPhone case lands on accessory scene

Iron Man CaseI’ve seen my fair share of awesome iPhone cases, but this is definitely one of the coolest. Modeled on Iron Man’s Power Armor suit, the case, made by Brando has a number of nice features that are sure to turn a few heads. The first of these is the LED arc reactor in the middle of the case’s ‘chest’, replicating that of Tony Stark’s own suit. Another cool feature is the lens cover, which opens outwards from the central LED on a hinge, pretty awesome for a feature that Apple, and most other case manufacturers would deem unnecessary.

While this is all well and good, it does come with a pretty hefty $50 price tag, but if you’re a hardcore Iron Man fan, I doubt that’d deter you.

What would make your dream iPhone case? Would it be outrageously colored or inconspicuously bland? Let us know in the comments below.


Via: Cult of Mac

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    kenmasco incredible!