Apple’s new VP destroyed iPhones in his former employment

A Tweet from CNBC yesterday revealed that Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch plans to leave his former company to join Tim Cook at Cupertino. An Adobe statement confirmed that he will leave in 2 days time (March 22), the move has also been confirmed by Apple. Lynch will serve as Apple’s Vice President of Technology, however, it appears Apple may have relaxed their employment background checks in recent years.

A little digging from Cult Of Mac has revealed that in his previous employment, Lynch was part of an Adobe created spoof named “Adobe Myth Hackers”, in which Lynch was filmed using many audacious methods to destroy iPhone’s, following a letter from “Steve from Cupertino” who wrte in to say he could not believe it wasn’t possible to run Flash on the iPhone.

Ironically, Apple’s decision to support HTML 5 was a large factor in the demise of mobile Flash, which led Flash to stop supporting Flash for mobile in November of 2011. Good to see that one of Apple’s latest employees certainly has a sense of humor, and we wish him all the best in his new career!


Via: Cult Of Mac


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