Apple’s iPhone is the most hacked mobile device

Web security company SourceFire has issued a report titled “25 years of Vulnerabilities”, charting the Critical Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) of software and mobile technology. A CVE is described as “the international standard for vulnerability numbering or identification”.

The startling report shows that the iPhone is the most hackable of all the mainstream mobile devices.


As you can see, the iPhone has 210 detected CVE’s compared to Android’s measly 24. Windows came in 3rd place with 14, and Blackberry were close behind with 11.

It is arguable that the massive imbalance is due to the popularity of the iPhone, however Android’s figure has actually dropped from this time last year, despite its explosive growth in popularity.

I think a more reasonable explanation is the more open nature of Android, which gives users less incentive to hack their devices. Jailbreaking iPhone’s has surged in popularity as users become more and more weary of poor customization options and a closed operating system.

Despite Apple’s renowned prowess when it comes to security, clearly in reality, the iPhone is a very vulnerable and exploited device.




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  • healeydave

    What a complete load of bollocks!
    It’s taking the jailbreak teams ever longer to find exploits in iOS, several months sometimes and each time they reveal their exploits, it generally means the next time the task is infinitely harder. Android only needs to be sneezed on to open it up.
    I sincerely doubt the integrity of the security firm quoted in this report, is it a division of google or Samsung trying to take a leaf out of the Chinese government’s books using propaganda to attack Apple’s popularity?? :-)
    Laughable in accuracy!