Apple TVs for visitors to a certain hotel near Apple’s campus

Apple TVIf you plan to spend  a night near Apple’s Cupertino HQ, then your hotel decision just got a whole lot easier. Starwood Hotels’ Aloft Hotel has just introduced Apple TVs in all of its rooms with access to thousands of hours’ worth of content. The hotel allows its users to watch “TV shows from iTunes, connect to Netflix for films, Hulu for television shows, for sports, and much more.”

Not only that, but customers also get their own Wi-Fi, so that they don’t stream content from another Apple TV via AirPlay, something that could prove to be rather annoying if, say, the person in the next room is a big fan of gruesome horror films, and your kids prefer the works of Disney.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first hotel to utilize the Apple TV, as Staybridge Suites in London’s Olympic Village already makes use of the technology.


Via: App Advice

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