Apple trailing in China’s smartphone market, taking third place to Samsung and Lenovo through 2012

chinaStrategy Analytics brought us the news on Sunday that Apple is currently trailing in China’s smartphone market, losing out to both Samsung and Lenovo. The data from SA showed that Apple is behind by quite a margin, too, with 11 percent of the market compared to Samsung’s 17.6%, and Lenovo’s 13.2%.

Two years ago, Samsung sold 10.9 million handsets to Chinese consumers, but just 12 months later and the company has nearly tripled that, with a whopping 30.06 million. But things aren’t quite so cheery for Nokia, as the company that – in 2011 – was the king of the Chinese market with a 29.9% share, has dropped to seventh, and a comparably minute 3.7 in 2012.

2012 has been the first time Samsung has claimed the top spot in the Chinese market, while Apple is still working to improve its presence in what is fast becoming the most important region of all for electronics sales. It’s this striving on Apple’s behalf that sparked the widely argued rumors regarding a low-cost iPhone that have been plaguing the internet for some time now, as a cheaper alternative would be within the grasp of the average Chinese worker. Apple is still yet to introduce its smartphone to China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier, so if Tim Cook’s recent discussions with CM amount to the iPhone debuting on the network, then perhaps the tables will turn in the not-too distant future.


Via: Apple Insider

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