Apple to triple franchise stores in India: Still unable to build Apple Stores

It has today emerged that Apple plans to triple the number of franchise stores it has in India. It hopes to increase the number of exclusive franchise stores from 65 to 200 by 2015, as Apple looks to exploit India’s developing smart phone market.

Despite plans for expansion however, Apple is still not allowed to build Apple Stores in India. Government regulations legislate that all branded stores must source 30% of their stock from Indian companies, something Apple simply can’t do. India promises to become a very lucrative market in the next few years, so to combat these restrictions Apple operates its retail through franchises.

The franchise stores involved have been asked to scale up operations as Apple plans to “grow aggressively” in the country. It’s most likely that plans were discussed during last months visit of Hugeues Asseman (Yes, that is a real person), Apple’s vice-president for sales in Europe, the Middle-East, India and Africa.

Apple’s push into India has been fuelled by the introduction of monthly instalment plans, which saw its share of the Indian smartphone market grow from 3.9% to 15.6 in just one quarter last year.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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