Apple still not conforming to EU warranty requirements

The EU’s Justice Commissioner Vivane Reding has today accused Apple of operating warranty practices that do not fall in line with consumer laws in many European countries.

In a speech, Reding has claimed that Apple is not informing customers correctly about the legal warranty rights they have in at least 21 EU states. Reding went on to argue that authorities need to take a “more prominent role in monitoring and coordinating coherent enforcement of EU consumer rules”, referencing several lawsuits filed against Apple by consumer groups in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and Portugal.


Controversy was sparked in Italy last year when it emerged that Apple was selling customers AppleCare plans without informing customers that their devices were already covered by a 2 year warranty by law. Similar controversy also lead Apple to change its warranty policies in Australia. Apple took AppleCare off its Italian shelves last year, but it is clear that it still hasn’t done enough to fall in line with European law.

Via: 9to5 Mac



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