Apple spoke too soon – gives consumers even more reason to choose iPhone

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At almost exactly the same time that Samsung was announcing its Galaxy S4, Apple launched a huge marketing offensive. An in-depth page was born giving consumers every reason why they should choose iPhone over “everything else”. The App Store, vertical integration and performance were all mentioned. One of the key highlights was the iPhone’s success with customers. It announced that the iPhone was the top smartphone in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction survey eight times running. Turns out, Apple spoke to soon. Shortly afterwards J.D. Power announced its first results for 2013, which – once more -placed Apple smartphones at the top of the customer satisfaction leader board. See, other manufacturers may pump their devices full of the best and fastest internals, but until another company spends as much time and effort perfecting the design, and the integration of software, hardware and ecosystem like Apple, the iPhone will always give a better experience for consumers.

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  • Lancenvwldbrap
  • jabombardier

    They are feeling the heat from Android and Samsung. If it weren’t then they wouldn’t have to “remind” us. My opinion though is currently I prefer iOS over android because it works.

  • lean6rtj2

    It actually gave me a reason to unsubscribe from the Apple mailing list…came across as a bit desperate. They should have just allowed that achievement to stand on its own without the ad. It’s like they don’t recognize what is going on with feeds like Flipboard or Google+, and where the story fit into the gobs of other mobile tech news that people are reading about everyday. When they come back around to breathing some new excitement and competitive hardware and software features into the iPhone, I’ll know without an email.

  • jabombardier

    @lean6rtj2 agreed. They shouldn’t stoop to this level. Just soldier on and make the next best iPhone, that will shut up the iHaters and Samsung.