Apple reminds consumers why they should buy the iPhone, and not “everything else”

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When new competitor devices launch, we’re not used to seeing any signs of worry from our favorite fruit company. But, up until the Galaxy S3 launch last year, it was obvious that no one was really anywhere near close to challenging the iPhone in the smartphone market. However, Cupertino’s bosses have clearly been keeping an eye over their shoulder at the looming competition that keeps growing from Samsung’s Galaxy lineup. One day before the launch of the S4, Phil Schiller had a dig at Android, its fragmentation and earlier in the month took time out to warn consumers against threats of malware on Google’s mobile OS.

However, all that pales in to insignificance compared to the latest full-scale attempt to stop smartphone subscribers’ eyes from leaving the trail of the Apple logo. The company has – in fact – dedicated a whole page to why you should buy an iPhone, and not anything else on a “why iPhone?” page. The marketing department has gone to Def-Con 5 here, and listed absolutely every positive from winning the J.D. Power consumer satisfaction award every year since the iPhone launched in 2007, through to the App Store’s excellence, lack of malware, and the fact that all your content comes from “one trusted source”.

It’s an interesting read, and I don’t disagree with any of what Apple’s written. In fact, it’s the reason I love Apple’s products so much: they’re efficient, meticulously designed and the ecosystem is second to none. What concerns me most is that this seems like a defensive move, which perhaps indicates that our beloved iCompany is perhaps losing its cool and is genuinely feeling the pressure of Samsung’s popularity?

What do you think? Is Apple worried or is it just an attempt to ramp up sales in the quiet part of the year?

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  • davisr153

    TodaysiPhone just think how many more they would’ve sold if somehow they worked a deal with suppliers to get rid of the 2yr contract

  • Sounds like grasping at straws. There is no “one” phone for everyone. Apple must just focus on what they’re good at – products we didn’t know we needed

  • jabombardier

    Apple is quite worried because right now there are many Galaxy SIII’s as there are iPhones 5’s. so they are trying to give a reason why to stick with iPhone. The Galaxy S3 and S4 have these cool gimmicky features that will grab people. But Apple shouldn’t worry. There are a lot of Android users that are fed up and want to switch. I was one of them. I am not looking back.

  • newoverhere

    iphones are great because ios is damn easy to use….but not all want such a simple phone….people like me who are geeks like samsung offerings with a ton of features/gimmicks that we find cool….however, when my dad asks me what phone to buy i always recommend him the iphone as its simplicity suits him perfectly…hence, i believe there is no such thing as “the best phone”, its always “the best phone for me”….

  • brinkiey

    TodaysiPhone There is no need for Apple to do this. It’s only an expression of weekness. Don’t forget, quality sell’s it self.

  • lean6rtj2

    I bought my daughter her first smartphone this past Christmas. When I asked her whether she liked the Galaxy S3 or iPhone best, she said the iPhone…so that’s what she got. Now, I have to constantly tone down things that I’m doing with my Note 2 just to keep her chin from scraping on the ground. I’m talking about simple things like switching a launcher, using a different SMS app, making and using ringtones, etc.
    I think the iPhone is a solid and safe phone…I’ve owned all of the different versions over the years myself, including the iPhone 5 twice. This is definitely more to do with Samsung winning than Apple losing.

  • MaeganBabcock

    The iPhone is the best phone for me.  That said, I do hope they eventually make the screen size 4.5 inches instead of the 4 inches they have now.

  • stanluca

    @DaDaDarryl Apple does not make phones for everybody nor should they. Apple products have always been the best. Be it simplicity, elegant design, incredible built material, awesome ecosystem. They do not wish to cheapen the brand by building subpar plastic phones that is outdated a few months after introduction. That’s why they get 70% of the profit with only 20% market share. Would you rather be the most ubiquitous or most profitable?

  • AudreaJust
  • applefans

    Galaxy S3( is excellent, as well Samsung Galaxy series other models, but iPhone offers user more wonderful experience.

  • djaekk

    Sorry, the ecosystem? Tell me why I should buy an iPhone without using any words like “best, worst…” or any other phrase that increases the importance of the product out of this air. What is better with the iPhone? The only thing a Friend of mine came up with was “familiarity”.

  • BrainRoopull

    As I scroll through that website, my mind is ticking off the things they’re listing I actually can’t get elsewhere.  Only a PhanDroid would deny that the build quality on the iPhone is a good as or usually better than anything else out there.  That’s simply not up for debate.  ******The “Retina Display” claim is nonsense with many phones beating the ppi by a wide margin.  ******The battery life claim is dubious and null since battery life on similarly specced Androids is about the same, and user replaceable batteries on Android give Android the advantage all day long.  ******The A6 chip claim is another dubious one.  Since the only phone using it also has a proprietary OS, it’s really impossible to gauge whether or not it’s the processor or the OS that’s doing the heavy lifting on performance.  That being said, again, only a PhandDroid would deny that it’s a powerhouse in this setting.  Then again, there are plenty of phones sporting processors that are unbelievable when compared to the i5 or any other phone that old.  ******They should be ashamed of mentioning the LTE feature.  Apple was so late coming to that particular game, it was embarrassing.  “You’re stuck with 3G?  That sucks.”  ******The world’s most popular camera?  Who cares?  How good is it at taking pictures?  Obviously, the answer to that is that it’s pretty darn good.  However, it’s just another phone-camera at this point and not really a selling point, anymore.  The competition has caught up and passed Apple, here.  ******”Millions of ways to be entertained from one trusted source.” I suppose that’s one way to spin the aweful experience that iTunes is and apparently always will be.  This is not a positive.  ******”iOS6 the World’s Most Advanced Operating System.”  Uh…  now, that’s just a big fat lie.  I’m sorry, but it’s so badly out of date, I’m almost surprised Apple included that in there.  I called out PhanDroids earlier, and here it must be said that only an iPhan or someone completely oblivious to the competition would deny iOS is sadly out of date.  ******Siri.  *sigh*  I suppose if you like talking to your phone, this is a selling point.  There are competitors, but most reviews I read still give Siri the nod.  To me, though, that’s like winning the contest for Best Butterfly Herder…  it may be difficult and impressive, but it’s pretty pointless.  ******iCloud. Really?  This was available on Windows Mobile 6.5…  it’s available on Android.  I’m pretty sure it’s available on WP8 and BB10, too.  It’s kinda’ like if Ford said, “Buy the new Focus! It has wheels!”  ******Real people… yes & no.  You can find tons of experts for Android, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not packaged in the form of underpaid angry kids at the mall.  In fact, if you live in the *wrong* places, your only option for in-person help with Android is an online forum.  Oh, wait… that’s the same for Apple.  This page doesn’t actually point out why anyone would want an iPhone for me, but underscores why and how they’ve fallen behind.   I’m hoping they do what Blackberry did and hit us with an enormous update that makes us reconsider what iOS means.    *****asterisks included since Livefyre de-formats every post.

  • jabombardier

    @djaekk reliability. That is if and only if you have had an android phone that is full of bugs to the point you really can’t use the phone regardless that it has higher specs than iPhone 5. If you have never had problems with your android, then there is no other reason to get an iPhone.