Apple Maps SDK more developer friendly than Google Maps

Apple Maps

Although Apple’s iOS maps application has received more than its fair share of criticism since its launch last fall, it seems as if some are finally warming up to the app. A couple weeks ago, there was even a report in which Apple Maps outperformed both Waze and Google Maps. The most recent story regarding Apple’s mapping app, however, is that developers actually prefer Apple’s SDK over that of Google Maps.

Developers believe that the Cupertino’s map offering is a more mature SDK than the one offered by Google. Apple has been refining its map software over the last five years, and all of its work transferred from Google’s iOS app to Apple’s own in house service with the launch of iOS 6. All of the hard work Apple put into building up it’s Map Kit software was kept, even with the new app. The iOS map service also offers the ability for overlays, which is an area where Google lags behind. Google’s map SDK also lacks the ability for draggable markers, which is a feature that iOS maps has had forever. These simple advantages for Apple’s maps makes it easier for third party apps to use the Apple SDK in order to build its own maps. The ability to overlay items over Apple’s maps allows for easier development in apps, for example apps that are built for flight tracking. The apps, with the iOS map service, can now overlay lines of plane routes in order to more accurately track flights.

Although things started a little rough for Tim Cook and company’s new mapping service, the performance has started to turn around recently. The maps are improving, and with the support from developers, who prefer Apple over Google in this case, it seems as if Apple’s iOS mapping app is going to be around for a while. What do you think? Do you personally prefer Apple Maps or Google Maps? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Source: AppleInsider

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