Apple Maps outperforms Google and Waze in head-to-head comparison


In a new column for PC Magazine, columnist John C. Dvorak, along with TWiT broadcaster Leo LaPorte and writer Glenn Rubenstein, put three of the most popular mobile maps applications to the test, and you may be surprised by the outcome. Each participant in the experiment was in a separate vehicle and using a separate mapping program: LaPorte with Waze, Dvorak with Google Maps, and Rubenstein with Apple Maps.

Assisted by their respective apps, each driver made a number stops throughout California and of the three applications, it was Apple’s much-discussed Maps application that provided the best directions! At one time in the not-too-distant past, the Maps application on iOS was little more than a joke. But now it’s got Dvorak – a man notorious for predicting the death of both the Mac and the iPhone – asking what everyone was complaining about.

I’ve personally used the Apple Maps app several times (I’ve got a legendarily terrible sense of direction), and it’s always worked great for me, but it’s still surprising to see results like this in print simply because Apple’s Maps app got so much hate for so long. As it turns out, though, it was actually Google’s mapping service that took the flak this time around. Dvorak said that Google Maps has been a “little ragged” lately, claiming that the service has actually gone down hill. Very interesting.

So what do you guys make of this? Have you gotten over the initial “Mapsgate” fiasco or do you still prefer a third party app to your built-in iOS program? Sound off in the comments section below or let me know on twitter @TiP_Jake.


Via: AppleInsider

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  • jabombardier

    I have used it and it is great but I still think google maps is better. Also Google maps now gives options for what type of route you want to take.

  • ITsNewRecruiter

    What iPhone did they use. If you have an iPhone 3/4/4s the apple app doesn’t give voice navigation. This is something that needs to be taken into account.

  • N13

    Just dont venture outside the USA. Here in Asia Apple maps is a complete joke. A joker apps, a pretend maps. Google maps is leaps and bounds better.

  • 8mikes

    @ITsNewRecruiter I have a 4s and Apple’s Map App does give voice navigation.

  • 8mikes

    I have a 4s and use Apple maps ever since google maps was taken away for the release of the updated operating system. . It does provide voice navigations and does it very well. I’ve never had any problems and don’t plan on going back to google maps.

  • backslash78

    austrovet LoL

  • ITsNewRecruiter

    @8mikes  it must just then be for my 4 and the iphone 3 that it doesn’t provide voice navigation.

  • RaduTanasescu

    That article smells fishy,  don’t get me wrong, I’m an Apple fan boy. I have an iPhone 4 and I’m typing this from my 21.5 inch late 2012 iMac.
    But the Apple maps are still horrible. Tonight I’ve been invited at a friends birthday party. He’s going to hold it at a club called “Que Pasa”. I opened Apple maps on my iPhone and searched for it. Apple pointed me to some God forsaken town 7.324 km away from my location. Google Maps pointed me to the exact location of the club, in Bucharest (where I live) and also offered me a street view of the location, providing turn by turn spoken navigation.There is no contest. Apple Maps will never have as many locations on it as Google Maps, and that’s its weakness.
    Maybe Apple will make it’s maps ok for the US, but last I checked the iPhone ships world wide. And the only world wide services that I have on my iPhone are from Google.

  • Marsupy

    My Apple Maps is still showing businesses that have closed down 5 years ago here in London.