Apple launches Final Cut Pro campaign aimed at professionals

In the run up to the National Association of Broadcasters, Apple has released a new advertising campaign in a bid to lure more professionals to its video editing software Final Cup Pro X.

Apple has followed similar campaigns for its Aperture and Logic applications. The promotion features professionals such as Tsui Hark, creator of ‘Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon’.

“Definitely, Final Cut Pro X will be my first choice,” he says. “Switching to Final Cut Pro X meant changing our workflow and retraining people, but it was really worth the effort. I hope our experience will help persuade more editors to try Final Cut Pro X — it’s a great tool.”

There’s also a piece from Full Sail University, which has trained thousands of students in film, broadcast and media. Isis Jones, Chief Information Officer praises the “simplicity, speed and flexibility” of Final Cut Pro X.Final Cut Pro X’s release in 2011 alienated many long time users who found that the update was incompatible with older files, rendering long-established projects useless. Indeed, many Final Cut Pro users chose not to upgrade, staying with the previous version. This new campaign shows Apple clearly intends to rectify that.


Via: Cnet

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