Apple Execs, Tim Cook and Eddy Cue meet with Beats CEO to chat music streaming

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We’ve been hearing about Apple’s move in to music streaming ever since it bought LaLa back in December 2009. So far,  iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match have been the only moves forward in to a more cloud-based music service. However, with services like Spotify, Rdio and Pandora boosting the music industry last year, it’s more a matter of when and not if Apple will enter the streaming market.

Over the past couple of years there have been numerous reports of our favorite fruit company entering negotiations with record labels to try and strike up a royalty agreement that pleases both Apple and the music industry. So far, there’s been no joy.

The most recent report (via Reuters)  suggests Tim Cook and Eddy Cue had a meeting with Beats Electronics CEO, Jimmy Iovine at the back end of February. The meeting was regarding the “Project Daisy” music subscription service announced by Beats in January. According to the source, the companies didn’t necessarily talk any kind of deal. However, Tim Cook was explicitly interested in the company’s rollout plans and business model to find out how and when they were planning to launch it.

My instinct is that Apple will have to launch a streaming service of some kind if it is to survive in the world of music. But, I know for certain that Cupertino doesn’t rush anything, and will not be held to ransom over royalty fees.

Via: Reuters

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