Analyst: Apple will launch plastic low-cost iPhone this summer, feature 4-inch non-Retina display


RBC Capital Markets analyst, Amit Daryanani issued a note to investors today with some alleged information on Apple’s plans to release a low-cost iPhone this June/July. He’s virtually singing from the same hymn sheet as every other analyst who’s predicting the cheaper iPhone. It’ll purportedly have a 4-inch, non-Retina display, be cased in plastic and cost less than $400 to buy SIM-free, making it a more feasible option for the emerging market consumers who want a taste of Apple. Allegedly, it’ll not just be in black and white either, it’s speculated that it will be available in multiple colors.


Since it’s from an analyst, this speculation is based mostly on where the emerging markets are and what the potential financial gain is for Apple in that sector. As I’ve mentioned countless times before, predicting what Apple will do based solely on financial reward is a dangerous game. We all know that it’s not the company’s mentality. And while it’s certain that Apple’s designers have prototyped and tested countless designs and materials for future products, they won’t be launched unless they offer the same great experience as existing iPhones.

That’s not to say this won’t happen. Many are in agreement that it will happen. But I’m always skeptical when the rumor comes from an analyst and not someone with a reliable track record.

Via: AppleInsider

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  • Do you really expect this to happen? The Y/Y growth is to be expected for a company that’s saturating the market, but they’ve already got a low cost iPhone in the iPhone 4 and 4s models Incorporating a separate “low cost” iPhone that is different than the rest means developing a new manufacturing process, new hardware, etc. – they would be adding new expenses to target a market they already target with the older phones…and that makes no sense to me.

  • SocalFrank1

    Will this be the T-Mobile iPhone?

  • DanielMuntean

    Like was said, this is just a rumor. Apple products were always presumed as “Premium Products”. I don’t think they’ll drop that philosophy by jumping into the cheap market. Imagine how iOS will run on it. Or maybe iOS Lite? iOS Mini? Just No.

  • JeffreyPueblos

    Apple have dropped into the cheap  market once…remember that Mac mini? It worked well for students with a budget but it’s one of their lowest selling products. The same thing with the eMac but it was discontinued.

  • Dwinbush2

    This is not going to happen! I wish they stop with this!