AlbumShare lets you send photo albums via text messages

AlbumShareIsn’t it annoying when you have too many photos to send to somebody at once? Well, AlbumShare is a new app that can help you. The application has just landed on the App Store, and allows you to send entire albums to your friends or family in a single text message. It works in a really simple way, you just make a photo album, choose the contacts you want to share with, and then AlbumShare sends a link to each contact, directing them to a web page containing the pictures.

AlbumShare intends to take the hassle out of picture messages, which often fail, as-well as reducing the need to put all of your photos on your computer to send them. And all of this is done without needing to sign up to the service. What’s more, your friends can add to the album, meaning AlbumShare is like a personal Instagram, which is pretty cool.

AlbumShare is free from the App Store, so if you fancy it, get it here.


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