9.7″ iPad orders cut due to mini cannibalization?


We’ve been reading a lot recently about iPad cannibalization due to the iPad mini’s arrival. The full-size iPad has been in lower demand since its 8.9-inch brother hit the scene in November last year. Seemingly, the public prefers the smaller form factor and lower cost. That said, there was a report recently stating that the iPad mini was doing more damage to its competitors (Nexus 7/Kindle Fire) than it was to its larger sibling.

In response to the iPad mini’s popularity, a new report over at DigiTimes suggests 9.7-inch iPad orders have been cut to ensure that the company isn’t overstocked with larger tablets. In fact, analysts’ estimates of 60 million units during 2013 have been slashed almost in half to 33 million. If that’s the case, it would be the full-size iPad’s lowest year since 2010, the year it first appeared. iPad mini shipments are going the opposite way, with projected shipments being raised from 40 million to 55 million.

One thing worth bearing in mind is that Apple is expected to launch a new iPad this year with a similar design to the iPad mini. If the company is set to launch it in the second or third quarter of 2013, it makes sense to wind down production of the current design models. After all, Cupertino doesn’t want to be lumbered with a pile of outdated iPads when the new ‘iPad 5’ arrives on the scene.

Via: DigiTimes

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