30 Days with a BlackBerry Z10 – Last Day/Final Thoughts [VID]

It’s now been 30 days since I started using the Z10 as my primary device. Sadly, after the first couple of weeks, my enthusiasm for the new platform started to fade, and didn’t make a return in the last week. In fact, I found myself using it less and less. It’s not an iPhone replacement, and it doesn’t quite compete with the high-end devices from Android or Windows Phone. It’s a good start for BlackBerry and shows a lot of promise, I just hope it lives up to its potential with the next generation.

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  • gadgetsboy

    Great round up…i like the bit when you say if someone came in retail and you still worked there etc…..thing is it still has a lot of niggles and I feel they rushed it.  The apps store is not up to scratch yet and launching web apps is not the same.  Hardware i loved, was solid and great to hold…..something silly but it has the best shutter sound i have ever heard haha

  • 7_mavrick

    PhoneDog TiP_Cam TodaysiPhone completely agree.