30 Days with a BlackBerry Z10 – Day 20 – BlackBerry Hub isn’t so hot [VID]

Cam is almost at the 3 week point in the 30 Days with a BlackBerry Z10 challenge, and wants to throw in the towel thanks to spending time reviewing the Lumia 920 for another article. At day 20 it’s perfectly clear that BlackBerry still has plenty of work to do.

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  • jwyoungy

    Why wouldn’t you just check your messages in the hub? That is what the hub is for. All your messages in one place and you can respond right from the hub without ever opening the app. I agree that it should show as read in the hub if you read it in the app and that will likely be in a future update but if you had to go to the hub and mark as read on over 100 twitter notifications because you first checked them in the twitter app itself than your to blame. There was no reason not to check the messages In the HUB to begin with and you also knew what would happen if you didn’t go to the HUB first. Peek is also a great feature not on any other platform. You are setting this phone and OS up to fail, not surprising from an ifan. I have a Z10. I have had it since February 05, transfer ed from an Iphone 4s and is my first blackberry. It’s not perfect but with hundreds of apps added every day (over 100,000 now) and the intuitive flow its a great phone to use and a nice upgrade to the Iphone. But the HUB is the best feature on this phone and for you to bash it stinks of a slanted review with an agenda. Take it from me, I had 2 iphones and I loved them. BlackBerry needed to get this one right and I think they did. Only downside is Apps but they add almost 3,000 a week and once they hit critical mass then the other big names will come. Anyone else who gives the Z10 a 30 day trial will love it.

  • Lowey

    Your a plum!!, at least give it the 30 days you said you would, ive had iPhones, android devices and others, they all have great features. The Z10 is fast and easy to use. You never gave it change just got drawn away like a kid in a sweetshop being offered a prettier looking lollipop. Man up and do what you said you would.

  • BrainRoopull

    This video just makes me want a WP8 even more.  I recently installed a WP8 launcher on my BRAND NEW Anroid so I could at least get some of the clean functionality of the WP8 homescreen & live tiles.

  • Puck

    The new OS has a pretty shocking initial response that leaves most people with the “Deer in a headlight” lost look. Once you get over the shock and start playing with it and learning your way around the Peek and Flow, it truly is a great phone.
    I have used many older BB’s(+5) and many Androids (4 in two years – I was big into customizing and custom ROMs), and even bone stock the Z10 is by far my favorite phone. I like it more then my OneX, which is saying a lot since I was in love with that phone lol.
    Z10 keyboard is the best OSK in the biz hands down, the browser is much faster then both stock ICS and Opera for Android (maybe fastest mobile browser?), and the screen is gorgeous. The OS is quick and snappy with very little lag or delays, and it hasn’t frozen or mysteriously closed an app on my so far (cough, Android). Handset size is perfect for me – big enough to enjoy using and browsing the web, but not too big that it feels ridiculous to use as an actual phone.
    The hardware is modern and more then adequate but doesn’t have the raw power of some of the top tier Droid handsets, and the OS is in its infancy and is still not perfect…but I’ll be damned if it all doesn’t work well together.
    Overall for a brand new launch I think Blackberry did a stellar job.