Western Digital releases Apple TV competitor



I’m sure all of you have heard of a company known as Western Digital. If not, it is a company that is very well known for its hard drives and other miscellaneous storage accessories. This product, however, isn’t aimed at the storage market, but rather the home entertainment market. The WD TV Play, which costs $69.99, comes with access to services including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Vudu, Spotify and Pandora. Looking at the screenshot above, and hearing what it is for, you can guess what product it would be challenging – the Apple TV. WD even has applications in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store that you can use to control the device, giving it a small edge over Apple’s. Something that I’m sure will catch consumers’ eyes as well is the $30 price difference, with the Apple TV coming in at $99. If you are interested in learning more about the device, you can check the source below.

What do you think? Interested in this? Think it will push Apple to be more serious about the Apple TV? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: TNW, Western Digital

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  • Benwattman

    I think this article highlights the need for more attention from Apple to the AppleTV, although comparing AppleTV to the new WD device is apples to oranges. With the AppleTV you are able to watch any videos that you have purchased on your AppleID (either on the video marketplace, or DL’ed from your computer and uploaded to ITunes; this also works both ways if you have a MacBook… If you buy a movie on the AppleTV you can also watch it instantly on iTunes via your MacBook)
    Also there’s perks to having the AppleTV sync with your other devices; you can use your iPhone (and maybe iPod???) as a remote for your AppleTV by DL’ing the app from the AppStore. You can also wirelessly stream photos and videos from your iPhone onto your tv (quickly once you set up the original sync between the two devices);
    And you can project your MacBook’s monitor onto your tv though AppleTV instantly and seamlessly over your wireless Internet connection.
    While I agree that Apple needs to market this product better, the conveniences are leaps and bounds above a WD product. Nice try Apple haters

  • Blaqrob

    @Benwattman but what you are not mentioning is that all of this “seamless” apple technoligy that you are boasting about is only relevant or useful for people that can afford or already have an apple ecosystem. What about the person with umm…lets say a PC, android phone and a tablet of some sort. This article shows apples #1 problems…versatility and freedom of use. The perks of having an Apple product only excel in an all apple enviroment. Apple does alot of great things, but not everything. Therfore leading a consumer to a better (and probably more affordable) product. i.e the WD. This is what this article is about. OPTIONS! Which apple does not give alot of. I just think that this article is yet another example of apples lazy approach to innovation (in recent years). Point blank, the compitition has caught up and other technologies are no longer as inferior to apple as they once were. The 3gs, 4s and (probably 5s’s) of the world shows the lack of INNOVATION. Apple seems like the old boxer ALMOST past his prime. This product takes advantage of BOTH markets…innovation my friend…innovation. Apple once pushed the WORLD forward with its inventions now it just recycles current or already seen or implemented technology (samsung) and put an “i” in front of it or an “s” behind it and use bunch of fancy words in the keynote, give it some fanfare and call it innovation or the “best since”. Umm no apple, just because you put spinkles on top doesn’t make it a different cookie. I WANT INVENTIONS not revamped already implemented ideas. Apple hasn’t TRULY invented anything for a while now and the competitors have caught up. Why do you think samsung and apple are always in court? If something was a TRUE invention it can’t be disputed because it never existed. It’s the simular technologies that keep them in court. But when the original iphone was INVENTED there weren’t any suits because it was TRULY the first of its kind. But when you sit on your hands for several years you allow competition to catch up and to save face, you try to trump up every lawsuit you can to keep from being beat at your own game. That is where apple is today. And before anyone calls me a fanboy, I’ve owned every iphone since the 3g including the i5. But regardless of that or not those are my thoughts in respect to the comment above.