UK survey places Apple 2nd in “Superbrands” consumers’ list, top of Business list


When it comes to business vs. consumer sectors, it’s difficult to find an industry which successfully bridges the gap between the two in the same way that personal technology does. You only have to check the lists above to see the immediate difference in approaches. While the consumer is littered with aspirational brands like Rolex and Mercedes-Benz and common food companies like Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola and NescafĂ©, the business list is chock full of logistics and air travel companies mixed in with a few financial institutions.

The two lists are a result of the Superbrands survey in the UK. After going through a stringent selection process, consumers or business folk are asked to vote for their top brands, and the result is above. (At least, these are the top 2o). Apple places very high in both, finishing top of the Business Superbrands list, and 2nd in the Consumer Superbrands list (just behind the ultimate in aspirational wrist-wear). Google didn’t do too badly either, finishing 6th and 3rd in the consumer and business lists respectively.

Are there any companies missing from the top twenty that should be there in your opinion? It’s surprising to see Samsung not feature at all in the consumer list, and only coming in 14th in the business survey.

Source: Superbrands
Via: AppleInsider

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