Two new iWatch concepts show up: show sleek, round, touch screen device

The iWatch is the talk of the town recently. Whether you like the idea of Apple entering the wearable tech world (or not), it seems inevitable. With the incredible success of the Pebble connected watch and the huge trend towards wearing the previous generation iPod nano as a wristwatch, it’s something Apple can clearly exploit to its own advantage. Quite frankly, I’ll be devastated if Cupertino’s chiefs aren’t planning on entering the field.

Image Credit: The Observer

Image Credit: The Observer

With that in mind, a couple of concept renders have shown up. One rather rough (from The Observer) and the other from ¬†Esben Oxholm looks rather delicious (except for the Home Button). The Observer‘s time piece (above) shows a wrist-worn gadget running a version of iOS on a curved glass display, most likely making use of Corning’s Willow glass. In all honest, it looks badly designed. It’s essentially an iPod nano that’s been bent in to a curve.

This design is much more attractive: making full use of that licensing deal Apple struck with the Swiss rail company by using its clock face. The one thing the two have in common is the use of Siri as the primary means to activate tasks and features. Whether it’s setting timers, alarms, Reminders or checking weather, you’ll be able to do it from your watch.


Not to appear sexist, but the bangle design isn’t precisely man-friendly. Unless the strap was flexible, I’d have a hard time wearing what looks like a very rigid circular shaped device on my arm.

So, is Apple actually going to release an iWatch? Probably. This year? I doubt it, but you can be sure it’s on Tim Cook’s mind.

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Sources: YankoDesign, The Observer

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