Trakdot gives UK release date for Luggage, a smartphone-connected suitcase tracking device

At CES earlier this year, a company names Trakdot unveiled ‘Luggage’, its connected suitcase tracking device. The device is to act as a solution to the potential problem of losing luggage when travelling by air,giving ‘peace of mind’ to its users by giving them the ability to receive information from their “ultra-light, palm sized” Trackdot Luggage via SMS.

The product’s press release states that the Luggage is compatible with “any mobile, Apple, Android, or SMS enabled devices”, and will ship  with all required components, including the device itself, luggage tags and batteries. To use Trakdot’s product, an annual fee of £8.45 is required, along with an initial activation fee of £5.95, and all of that is on top of the £39.95 for the device in the first place. So, as you may have guessed, you’d either need to be a very frequent flyer or just extremely paranoid to justify paying that kind of money as a precautionary measure, as statistics show that there’s only a 2% chance that your suitcase will end up in the wrong place, and even then, the airline will most likely cover the loss.

That being said, I’m sure that for many, the peace of mind that the device gives is plenty of reason to justify the £50-odd that you’ll end up paying.

For those who can justify it, Trakdot’s Luggage will be available from April 2013 at the prices stated above, with its release date for other countries sure to emerge soon.

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