Top 5 stories this week: The best jailbreak tweaks for iPhone 5, Z10 comparison and more…

Top 5 stories

This week has been about one thing, and one thing only: Evasi0n. The most popular jailbreak of all time has been the talk of the town, with 7 million users having downloaded it in the first 4 days of availability. That is an utterly insane number, and there’s no surprise that this week’s most viewed stories are mostly jailbreak oriented. Ready to dive in?

1. Kyle’s top 5: Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone 5

Kyle’s list of favorite tweaks was by far the most popular article this week. And it’s certainly worth checking out. He runs down his favorite Cydia downloads and the ones which were first on his mind as soon as the Cydia logo appeared on his iPhone screen.

2. My first 5 Cydia downloads after jailbreaking my iPhone 5

Jailbreaking is a relatively new thing for me. I have done it before, but only for coverage on the site and because JailbreakMe3 was so easy to do, I had to try it out. It didn’t last long, but once I heard of tweaks like Auxo and Instasnap, I was sold. So, being a noob, I decided that these would be my first downloads.

3. BlackBerry Z10 vs. iPhone 5 – Hardware Comparison

Among the busy-ness of the jailbreak news, I’d been using the brand new BlackBerry z10. The first BB10 device to make it to market. After spending a few days with it, I compared it with my faithful iPhone 5, and it didn’t come out too bad. It needs a few tweaks, but it’s certainly the best BlackBerry to make it to market.

4. Matt’s Top 5: Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone 5 

Yep. Another jailbreak piece. This time, it’s Matt Sholly’s favorite tweaks rounded up in a great short video. Definitely worth a watch.

5. Rumor: iPad mini 2 to have 324ppi Retina display

This was the rumors that the 2nd generation iPad mini would have a 324ppi display, classifying it as a Retina display. We’re all assuming it will happen later this year, but who knows for sure? .

Honorable (non jailbreak) mentions

Not all of you are in to jailbreaking, and I get that. So, to give you a breather, here are a couple of other pieces that were pretty popular. Firstly: Steve Wozniak being critical of his old company. Secondly, Mophie announced an iPhone 5 compatible Juice Pack.

Steve Wozniak: Apple iPhone is “somewhat behind with features in the smartphone business”

‘Juice pack helium’ iPhone 5 battery case launched by mophie


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