Top 5 Stories This Week: iOS 7 concepts, iPhone most reliable and Z10 camera shootout

Top 5 Stories

It’s been another busy week in the world of iOS, but perhaps not as busy as Sony. Nevertheless we’ve had plenty of variety in the last week, ranging from the latest iOS concepts to camera comparisons and reports on phone reliability. If you missed any of it, that’s perfectly understandable. As usual, here’s an easy glance at our most popular stories over the past 7 days.

1. iOS 7 concepts boost hopes for new task switcher and Notification Center [Videos]

This was a couple of new videos that showed up, detailing ways Apple could consider switching our iOS around a little. We all want at least a bit of a redesign in the 7th version of our iPhone’s operating system. As always, multitasking and notifications are on top of the list of changes needed.

2. Why I want a new operating system before a new iPhone [Editorial]

Stephen shares his thoughts on why Apple really needs to change what has become the dinosaur of platforms in the smartphone market. iOS has remained virtually the same, and features fart too much skeuomorphism for anyone’s liking. In this editorial he tackles the issue of a much needed improvement. It’s a must read.

3. BlackBerry Z10 vs. iPhone 5: Camera Shootout [Update: Night and Flash shots]

Last weekend I took the Z10 and iPhone 5 out for a shootout and compared the results in this post. Daylight results were arguably better on the Z10. But, as soon as light levels dropped, it became virtually useless.

4. iPhone is the most reliable phone on the planet, 300% more reliable than Samsung

The report that came out yesterday showed the iPhone as being 300% more reliable than Samsung’s handsets. Although with issues such as “no customization” and “not enough new features” showing up in the list, it’s hard to see how any of this can be measured as a scale of reliance.

5. iOS 7 concept shown off on iPad mini, my idea of perfection

Yet another concept, and one which I particularly enjoyed. It’s an adaptation of an earlier iPhone version which didn’t work as well. It features quick access toggle switches for connectivity features and an app drawer that can be hidden.

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