Top 5 stories this week: iOS 7 Concept, BB Z10 Spec Comparison, Twelve South’s SurfacePad plus more…

Top 5 stories

It’s the end of another busy week in the tech industry, with the biggest buzz seemingly surrounding a certain fruit company’s latest attempt to save its reputation and business. While the Z10 might have been the talking point over the past 7 days (and perhaps the next couple of months) there have been some very interesting developments in the world of iOS devices.

Yet again we’ve seen a couple of very interesting concepts, and a leak of what looks like a genuine back plate for the 5th generation iPad. Each heading below is a link to the original article on TiP, click to read the entire story.

1. Latest iOS 7 concept completely changes iPhone’s user interface, gets rid of dock

We got sent an email at the very start of this week from someone who’d designed a new iOS concept. Although there were some clear similarities with iOS as it is, there were also huge differences. The dock was removed to make space for a new area at the top of the screen for widgets and toggles for switching connectivity settings on/off.

2. BlackBerry Z10 vs. iPhone 5: Spec Sheet Comparison

Having released the Z10 a couple of days back, we decided we’d put BlackBerry’s latest attempt at an all-touch device up against our iOS hero. Specs seem pretty impressive, but can it match the iPhone for performance and app availability? That is yet to be seen.

3. Awesome new concept hits the web, shows a translucent iPad

This see-through iPad concept showed up yesterday, and it is stunning. Sure, it’s never going to see the light of day, but just imagining what it would be like to look at in reality is something that blows my mind. Gorgeous.

4. Twelve South releases SurfacePad, the iPhone case for people who don’t like cases

Twelve South rarely releases a bad product, and has fast become one of my own personal favorite accessory makers. Whether it’s the BookBook for iPad, Compass stand or BookArc, everything is made with incredibly attention to design and the SurfacePad looks like a great addition to the lineup.

5. Fifth generation iPad body spotted?

Possibly the most exciting news this week: what looks like the back of a fifth generation iPad was leaked. What’s particularly pleasing about it is that it takes after the iPad mini. It’s slimmer, flatter and less bulky than the current 2/3/4 gen iPad.

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  • hippopwnamus

    That they were going to release a jailbreak isn’t in the top 5? well i’ll be damned…