Three UK to offer 4G access at no extra cost when it launches later this year

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Thanks to some nifty preparatory footwork by Orange and T-mobile, combining to create Everything Everywhere (now just known as EE), it secured the rights to be the first carrier to offer 4G LTE in the UK. But it doesn’t come cheap. With the network provider spending millions on network upgrades every day, it’s now covering 45% of the UK population. And that’s only 90 days after becoming active. This – of course – leads to early adopters paying a premium to get access to its super-fast wireless coverage.

It’s not long until other carrier get in on the act, one of which is Three UK. A popular choice for many thanks to its great value plans. Still, only the 4th most popular carrier in the UK, won’t be able to offer 4G coverage from its own masts and so has secured a deal with EE to make use of it’s pre-existing 4G. Understandably, this meant Three had to wait 12 months before offering 4G to its own customers.

“As we add the next wave of technology to our Ultrafast network, we’ve listened to our customers and thought long and hard about the right way to do it. We don’t want to limit Ultrafast services to a select few based on a premium price and we’ve decided our customers will get this service as standard.”

Good news for Three subscribers: you won’t be charged a premium to access 4G. Unlike EE, plans will remain as they are, you’ll just get you access to a faster network. (I think I just decided to switch from broadband to Three’s 4G). The carrier hasn’t given a concrete released date, but it will be at some point later this year. Of course, Three won’t have the same costs as EE, since it’s only an MVNO, and can afford to give the same coverage for less. That said, consumers won’t care why it’s cheaper.

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Via: CultofAndroid, TheVerge

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