SurfacePad for iPhone 5 – Unboxing and Hands On [Gallery]


So I just got the SurfacePad for iPhone 5, and I thought I’d put up some unboxing pictures and give a little first impressions. The company that makes this case – or, sorry, the SurfacePad – is the same company behind the BookBook series, Twelve South. I’ve personally never owned one of its products, but have heard nothing but good about them, so when I got the chance to get my hands on the SurfacePad, you can bet I was excited. The reason I changed the description from “case” to “SurfacePad” is because of the marketing for the product, which includes the line “Don’t call it a case.” That description really is true, too. You shouldn’t really call this a case, it is a super-thin leather “cover”.


The packaging on this was really simple. But nice. It folds open to reveal information about the product, and has a neat pull out tab that lets the SurfacePad simply fall out of the box. It was definitely a thought out packaging, which is hard to find outside of Apple products themselves. As an added plus, there wasn’t anything to rip open. You simply open the packaging like a card, that has magnets holding it shut. Very neat. So with that, right off the bat I was happy with this product as I could tell a lot of care went in to the customer experience.


Without making this sound like a review, as I’ve only just got it on my phone, I have to say, I am impressed. I am a huge fan of thin cases/covers, so this fit right in with what I like. I will say however, if you are afraid of scratching the sides of your device, this is most definitely not for you. I’ll get more into that with the review in a week or two. Overall, when I first got this on my device I immediately fell in love with it. It feels great, it looks great, and is exactly what I expected, and actually a little better. Definitely be on the watch for my review if you are interested. Also, if you want to check out the product page, head on over here: SurfacePad for iPhone 5. Ask me questions about it and talk to me on Twitter @TiP_Kyle! I love hearing about new cases or accessories that you find. Check out the gallery below for some more pictures.




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