So, Samsung just unveiled Wallet, look familiar?

Yes, I’m the Managing Editor of an iPhone blog. So, naturally everyone assumes already that I think Samsung is a company that only knows how to copy. And that I hate anything that doesn’t start with an M or lower case i. With that in mind, let me leave this video showing off Samsung’s new Wallet app. You can judge it for yourselves. I don’t even know where to start except to say: Samsung clearly likes the attention it gets from its various lawsuits with Apple.

The app allows users to store tickets, boarding passes and coupons digitally. It even uses GPS locations to notify the user when it’s near one of their favorite available places to use one of those passes. It doesn’t make use of NFC (yet) and will have services available from companies like, Lufthansa, MLB Advanced Media and a handful of others. Sound familiar yet? It’s a developer preview right now, but will be launched at some point this year.

Via: Gizmodo

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  • Next up… “S”movie, “s”work, “s”tunes, “s”photo, etc. Samsung really is a truly creative company. (Sarcasm)
    This is the result of the patent lawsuits not being a slam dunk. Samsung now feels it has carte blanche to copy at will.
    Where will their “innovation” come from next?

  • guest911

    @Synstelien Their next “innovation” will come right after the next Apple keynote.
    It funny they need to steal from a “stale, boring OS” but that is the Sammy way!

  • One3OneKing

    Looks about as familiar as the notification center, panorama, ability to respond to a call with a message, etc did  when apple “copied” google. Every company is “borrowing” cues from every other company. Get Over It.

  • guest911

    @One3OneKing Classic loser comment. Well done!

  • SkyPira

    @One3OneKing classic loser hiding behind anonymity. well done!

  • lean6rtj2

    Tell you what…I’ve had all previous iPhones in between many different Androids, including the iPhone 5 twice. I’m using the Galaxy Note 2 right now, and the user experience hasn’t even been a close competition. This G-Note is just plain awesome! Apple has the next iphone release to get their stuff together or else it’s going to get ugly. Keep an eye out for stuff like this and other things like Google +. The thing is…you don’t have to watch from the sidelines to migrate over to Google+, I use it on my iPad and primarily to video conference between Android and iOS users.

  • Guest911

    @SkyPira mirror mirror…..well done….moron?

  • SkyPira

    but im not an anon, and you are. having an account and not having one changes your credibility.