Skype for iOS updated

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Have you ever been using Skype and had a dropped call? I know I have and it is a very frustrating experience, especially since until now (on iOS devices) you had to attempt to re-call the person you were on the Skype call with. If any of you are like me, you will be much happier with this news: Skype updated their iOS apps today, and in the update is the inclusion of automatic call recovery on the iPhone, meaning if you drop a call, Skype will automatically attempt to reconnect the call for you.

Although this seems like a minor update, it is something that is important for those users that rely on Skype often. It is also worth pointing out that the iPad app received this update on Monday. The other new feature within the iPhone app is the ability to make emergency calls. Until now, Skype was unable to make emergency phone calls, but now if emergency numbers are dialed within the app, it will redirect the call to the native iOS dialer and complete the call.

Source: The Next Web

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