Sir Jony Ive wins the ultimate award – a gold Blue Peter badge [video]

Jony Ive Blue Peter

Here in the UK, there are two awards that celebrities and high achievers want more than anything else in the world: a knighthood and a Blue Peter badge. Blue Peter, for those unaware, is the longest running children’s TV show on BBC and often invites people with special skills and/or credentials to come along. The show is most famous for its creativity and the catch phrase “here’s one I made earlier”. Presenters often create some very useful and artistic things out of old detergent bottles, cereal boxes and recyclable packaging.

The show invited Jony Ive to take a look at some of its viewers’ design ideas, and awarded him a Blue Peter badge for his trouble. He also made something a little special for Blue Peter. The clip below is a preview of a gadget special episode to be aired on Saturday at 10am on the CBBC Channel. Check out the video below (in Flash, sorry):

Via: BBC


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