Samsung vs. Apple legal battle is “a loss” for innovation according to Sammy’s EVP, David Eun

AllThingsD Interview

In an interview with AllThingsD, Samsung’s Executive Vice President, David Eun highlighted his thoughts on the legal battle with Apple. Seemingly he agrees with most people, in that it’s slowing down innovation and taking up too many resources: time and money. He mentioned that the battle was “a loss” for innovation.

That said, he also mentioned that his company is really focussed on delivering a top-end user experience:

“We’re doubling down on software innovation, particularly software that will enhance our products. We’re focusing on investing in early stage companies and developing partnerships with them that can help us enhance the user experience of our customers.”

It just goes to show that Sammy knows – as we do – that it’s not just hardware specifications that please consumers. They’ve got to offer a good experience. The interview with Kara Swisher covers a lot of other stuff, it’s certainly worth reading, if only so we get a glance at what Samsung’s planning to keep competing with Apple.

Source: AllThingsD
Via: AppleInsider

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